The Impact of A Nutritious Diet


We all like to “pig-out” sometimes, eat something a little naughty, and that’s totally fine. What’s not to good, is when we go past the level of moderation and stuff ourselves with completely worthless stuff that slowly but surely will destroy our body. Now let’s say that in addition to that you consume copious amounts of harmful substances that add to the stress levels of your body, cocaine and heroin just to name a couple of examples, you are not going to exactly prolong your lifespan.

And this is exactly why I am writing this blog, because your body deserves a healthy diet, YOU deserve a healthy diet. And if you are currently withdrawing from substance abuse, this is more important than ever, as I am sure you know a lot of these bad substances actually supress your appetite, meaning you won’t eat regularly, and start to really harm your body.

Now while you are withdrawing from this substance you need to make sure that you start adjusting your body to a better diet. First of all, stop drinking pop. Yes, pop is one of the worst liquids that you can put in your body. You can drink juices, or simply water, and with the help of a soda stream you can even make your own sugar free pops.

Next, substituting micro meals. We all love to snack during the day, me too, but please stop eating stuff such as deep fried snacks or chips etc. these are poison to your body. A few good alternatives could be: dried fruit chips, chewing gum, raw vegetables or some dark chocolate.
Please don’t understand me wrong, I am not telling you to never drink a can of pop ever again, what I am saying is to learn moderation. That can of pop will taste so much better if you have it once a month with a nice meal than if you drink five every single day.

Cut fast food from your life entirely.

fastfoodTrust me, I would love it as much as you do. And I stopped too. Fast food is just a bad idea altogether, the problem is that its bad produce, prepared in a bad way. And your body doesn’t actually know what to do with it, the only nutrition in these types of food is ample amounts of salt which you really don’t need in your system. So please just cut these fast foods out of your diet. If you really crave a burger, buy yourself some organic minced meat and make a burger at home, you won’t regret it trust me!

Changing your eating habits can sometimes be a struggle, that’s why I suggest that you team up with your spouse or best friend to get some motivation going, maybe start a dinner club, where you cook for your friends and experiment with some new dishes. That is a great way to find motivation to cook at home and its fun too, then the next week you go to one of your friends houses and they cook for you. It’s great!

I hope this little wrap-up of do’s and don’ts has helped you understand some of the most fundamental adjustments we must make in our daily diets to live a healthier lifestyle. And trust me when I say, it’s going to be so easy once you get going, because you too will start loving the energy you get once you eat the right stuff, let alone the tastiness of all the new food you get to try.

It has been my pleasure sharing with you, I hope to see you here again soon!